eCRM & Business Intelligence

Visitor Insights

Analyse and understand your visitor behaviour at the touch of a button.

Our advanced visitor traffic analyser provides valuable real-time insights into traffic and usage patterns of your website.

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eCRM & Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Identify businesses leads in real time.

Using our lead generation tool you are able to identify which companies and when they arrive at your website. This lead information can then be automatically pushed into your sales flows within our system.

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eCRM & Business Intelligence

Order Analysis

Our eCRM platform provides a 360 degree Single Customer View (SCV) by combining data from multiple sources including online, ecommerce, POS, mobile and social media.

Aggregated data can be used for analysis and reporting, customer profiling and campaign re-targeting.

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Analyse and understand your customers. It'll blow your mind.

Our enterprise SaaS eCRM & Business Intelligence platform provides a centralised system for managing data across multiple digital sources such as mobile, online, POS and social. Our intuitive user interface allows clients to then analyse and use this data for campaigns, customer profiling and reporting, empowering marketeers with a single user-friendly platform.



Enterprise Architecture. See for yourself.

Built on flexible and enterprise grade technology our cloud based solution is able to scale and meet the demands of your business, whatever the size.